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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Cultivating Outstanding IP Stewards
Date Sun, 10 Nov 2013 15:24:39 GMT

On 11/10/13 5:46 AM, "Benson Margulies" <> wrote:

>A summarized agreement with this thread:
>The bottom line, I think, is that _someone_ has to provide the
>supervision that the board delegates to a PMC.
>The virtue of the 'demolish the incubator' proposal is that it makes
>that point absolutely clear. If there were no incubator, the board
>would need to see three people whom it could trust to form the initial
>core of the project. The board has reiterated that it wants the IPMC
>to manage the bootstrap to a state: a PMC that the board can delegate
>to. What's the fastest path to that state?
>If you look at it this way, then you could look at Mentors in a
>slightly different light. They have two critical jobs at the outset:
>(a) detailed IP supervision until members of the podling community
>know what to do, and (b) get the members of the podling community up
>to speed as fast as possible.
>(c) then becomes: get those people onto the IPMC. That's the only tool
>the incubator has from the board, so the incubator should just use it.
I guess the problem I have with that is, during my days in incubation, I
would have been hesitant to accept membership in the IPMC.  I still don't
want to be a member of the IPMC.  It comes with greater obligations.  IOW,
why do I need to be approved as a candidate for state office if I just
want to be on my town council?

>Once (c) is accomplished, the podling doesn't necessarily graduate. It
>is prudent to continue with some IPMC supervision for a bit, to look
>out for various bears.
>One could hope that this schema is a near-complete solution to vote
>problems. The _first_ release benefits from mentors who signed up to
>be there and vote, and subsequent releases have votes from inside the
I should have provided a more concise summary in my write-up.  It is:
1) Establish the role of "Release Auditor" in the Incubator.
2) Incubating releases need 3 votes from Release Auditors
3) Any current or former TLP PMC member is automatically a Release Auditor
4) Podling members can be approved as a Release Auditor by vote of the
5) Release Auditors check the process and legal aspects of a release and
are not required to build and test the release package.
6) Can we build an Ant script that does the grunt work of preparing a
report for release auditing?


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