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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Shepherding November 2013
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2013 23:04:53 GMT
Shepherd reviews extracted from


  Roman Shaposhnik (rvs):

    Project should be pretty close to a well deserved graduation. Kudos to
    the community building effort!


  Suresh Marru (smarru):

    The podling is waiting on website setup. The dev mailing list is not yet
    setup (or atleast not visible in archives), surprisingly the user and
    commit lists have archives, is something amiss?


  Suresh Marru (smarru):

    * The podling seems to be very healthy and kudos to PPMC for pulling of
      their first release and getting ready for second.
    * A big kudos to couple of mentors for pro-actively engaging.
    * Blur website does not conform to the branding guidelines and should
      add the incubator logo and disclaimer prominently. Also, should
      include the ASF, security and thanks to sponsor links.


  Roman Shaposhnik (rvs):

    Given that it has been less then a month since project entered
    incubation I see that the most immediate needs of having a source code
    repo, JIRA and MLs have been met. Still it would be nice if the
    bootstrapping were to wrap up as quickly as possible. At this point, for
    example, there's no website and no wiki, etc. Those are the tools for
    helping the community growth and it would be very nice to see those
    coming online in a few weeks.


  Andrei Savu (asavu):

    The project is moving very quickly, but needs to make a release soon.


Podlings which did not receive shepherd reviews this cycle:

    Hadoop Development Tools
    Open Climate Workbench

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