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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Transition Incubator dist area
Date Sun, 17 Nov 2013 22:09:50 GMT
Marvin Humphrey wrote:
> Hello general@incubator,
> Infra has requested that we perform some cleanup of our distribution area.
> Earlier this week, both Allura and VXQuery experienced difficulties with
> synchronization between their release directories and the
> main mirror at <>.  This is happening because the
> `incubator` dist directory is a hodgepodge of old-style and new-style
> distribution.
> To see what needs to be fixed, log into and examine the
> output of `ls -l /dist/incubator/`.  Here's an excerpt:
>     drwxrwxr-x   3 svnwc          svnwc        10 Nov 16 18:02 allura
>     drwxrwsr-x  10 omalley        incubator    12 Oct 21 16:53 ambari
>     drwxrwsr-x   4 simonetripodi  incubator     5 Jul 29  2012 amber
>     drwxrwxr-x   4 svnwc          svnwc         5 Nov 16 18:04 blur
> Any directory which has the group `incubator` needs to be transitioned, which
> involves copying the `$PODLING` directory and everything in it to
> `$PODLING`.  (The
> `ambari` and `amber` directories would need to be copied, but the `allura` and
> `blur` directories would not).  Once everything is transitioned, Infra will
> flip the switch and everybody in the Incubator will use new-style
> `` distribution henceforth.
> For the sake of simplicity, it would be better if we could get a single
> volunteer to take on this task.  Since every Incubator committer has rights to
> all of ``, you don't have
> to be an IPMC member.
> Any takers?
> Marvin Humphrey

Thanks for setting such a thorough foundation.

I cannot be that person, but i will be able to
assist with answering queries and with observations.

One thing that would help is to also clear the clutter.

Clutch has been alerting to old releases hanging around.
There are many in that list with the entry:
"Has graduated, but still has remains on Incubator distribution mirrors."

Yes, i know that a proportion will have not yet made
a release as the new TLP. They would remain as reminders.


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