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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Cultivating Outstanding IP Stewards
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2013 07:40:20 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Upayavira wrote:
> > I have one (hopefully) simple question for those more familiar with the
> > ASF\s bylaws/etc.
> > 
> > As I understand it, the board has delegated responsibility for the
> > incubator, and thus incubator podlings, to the Incubator PMC and its
> > members. Thus, it is only members of the Incubator PMC that have the
> > ability to vote. This much is straight-forward.
> > 
> > So, the question is, what options does the Incubator PMC have in terms
> > of further delegating responsibility? Can the Incubator PMC delegate
> > (some) responsibility to people who are not themselves incubator PMC
> > members? To do so, does the Incubator PMC need to inform the board of
> > the change of composition of 'sub-committees'?
> > 
> > My thought is that if we can clarify what is legally possible, we will
> > be better placed to find the appropriate model for the incubator that
> > fits within those legal/bylaw bounds.
> I was wondering the same. This seems to enable such:
> "RESOLVED, that the initial Apache Incubator PMC be and hereby
> is tasked with the creation of a set of bylaws intended to
> encourage open development and increased participation in the
> Apache Incubator Project."

Oooh, i overlooked the word "initial".


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