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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Apache project bylaws
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2013 17:16:33 GMT

On 10/3/13 9:51 AM, "Joseph Schaefer" <> wrote:

>The definitions are in a glossary somewhere, the more
>we denormalize the locations of our common understandings
>the harder it will be to maintain sanity over discussions.
OK, found the glossary.  I will try to leverage it more in the next
revision.  It will probably need to have consensus-but-one added to it.
>Projects don't need to be encouraged to write their own
>bylaws, most don't bother and that's proper.
Unfortunately, new TLPs are all copying the same board resolution which
dictates that we need to write bylaws.  That's independent of this thread,
but something that I also suggested changing.

>We don't need
>to spell every possible decision making process out in detail
>because they should have experienced the normal processes during
>incubation under competent mentorship.
Well, maybe we got lucky but we got through incubation without any major
conflicts about who should be added and didn't have to deal with removing
anyone.  I think there should be defaults for handling removals in the
voting document.
>In other words I agree with Marvin that widespread changes
>to documents that have been widely referenced are not a good
>idea, no matter what the board happens to think today.  Just
>clarify the actual issues before us, e.g. how to vote properly
>on personnel issues, and that should entirely suffice. Even Greg
>doesn't seem to know what consensus voting means in this context,
>so there's surely room for improvement.
OK, I'll try again tonight.


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