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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Release Apache VXQuery Incubating 0.2 (RC4)
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2013 02:13:38 GMT
Hi Vinayak,

On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 3:40 PM, Vinayak Borkar <> wrote:

> It has been over 72 hours since the vote for the first VXQuery release has
> been open, and we still do not have the one vote we need from an IPMC
> member. I am unsure how this process works.

For the last four months, I've been tracking the elapsed time between when a
release candidate is published on a podling dev list and the arrival of the
third IPMC +1 vote.  These stats are going into the Incubator's monthly
report to the Board.  The average is roughly a week.

However, it's not unusual for some release votes to take longer.  One of the
risk factors associated with long VOTE times is incubating for a long time (as
VXQuery has), because Mentors tend to drift away and leave a podling with
insufficient active IPMC representation[1].

Some VOTEs are outliers, though.  ODF Toolkit's last release waited 20 days;
the recent VOTE for Allura's first incubating release stayed open for several
weeks awaiting IPMC approval before the release candidate was finally
withdrawn.  (We've yet to see a new one.)

A number of us have been trying to address the structural flaws in the
Incubator for several years now, but it is challenging to strike a balance
between granting podlings more autonomy and exercising our oversight
responsibilities -- so most proposals do not achieve consensus.  Personally, I
now try to spend my cycles approaching the problem from another angle, by
working on ways to lower the cost of reviewing releases.

> Until a few weeks ago, we heard from quite a few vocal IPMC members about
> how the project did not deserve to remain in incubation

We don't want podlings to "remain in incubation" indefinitely -- we want them
to either graduate, or retire.  Please take my followup of the VXQuery July
report in that context -- and please understand that there's nothing wrong
with retiring, since all software has a life cycle and sometimes it's better
for the individual members of the community to move on to other interests.
Nevertheless, graduation is of course the desired outcome every time a podling
enters incubation and it is great to see VXQuery's increased activity.

> because it was
> unable to make a release.

Apache projects release.  Communities which don't release don't belong here.

Should VXQuery graduate and become a TLP, you will be expected to keep making
releases according to Apache guidelines -- and demonstrating that the
community is capable of making such releases is a crucial test.

> Now there is an attempt at a release that has been voted in by the PPMC, but
> there is complete radio silence on the vote.

Be persistent and polite and eventually you will break through.

If you are unlucky enough to duplicate Allura's experience, you can at least
rest assured that the Board is going to hear about it.

> I appeal to the same people who expressed their opinions a few weeks ago to
> at least look at the release we have created and vote either for or against
> it.

I rarely perform freelance release reviews any more because the current system
infuriates me and I do not wish to spend my volunteer time perpetuating it.
However, I'm pleased that the opportunity arose to contribute via the ODC-BY
licencing question.

Good luck,

Marvin Humphrey

[1] For more thoughts on the subject of Mentor attrition, see

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