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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: Too many late reports
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2013 02:50:04 GMT
Hello, Sergio,

Thanks for joining in the discussion!  Marmotta has been a pleasure to work

On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 9:47 AM, Sergio Fernández
<> wrote:
> In the case of Marmotta, some of us we are frequently reading
> general@incubator for learning about other podlings (releases, votes and so
> on).  So what helped in our case was to forward the timeline as soon it was
> discussed here, so he had some more days for the report preparation.
> For October's report, the timeline was:
>   Sep 26: timeline fixed by ipmc
>   Sep 29: sent to all podling
>   Oct 02: report's deadline
>   Oct 06: shepherd reviews
>   (...)
> Write the report itself does not take so long. But sometimes podlings may
> require some discussion about the wording of some details, which at the end
> means time. Therefore, what about send the reminder as soon as the timeline
> is fixed?

The due dates for podling reports are pretty much fixed as soon as a podling
enters incubation.


    The Incubator reports to the ASF Board monthly and includes status for a
    subset of the incubating projects. Currently new Podlings report to the
    Incubator monthly for the first three months, then quarterly thereafter.
    The reporting schedule is generated from podlings.xml.

The auto-generated reporting schedule is available here:

So the month is known; what's left is to calculate the day.  With occasional
exceptions, the Board meets on the third Wednesday of every month.  The
Incubator report gets filed one week before that meeting -- on the second
Wednesday of the month.  Podling reports are due one week before that:
typically, the first Wednesday of the month.

I plan to start generating the wiki report template earlier in the cycle --
tentatively, immediately after filing the last report.  This month's wiki page
included both shepherd assignments and the schedule of due dates; those could
also be filled out at the same time, one month in advance.

That leaves the email reminders sent by the other "Marvin".  We could
theoretically have those sent out at any time: two weeks prior, one month
prior, etc.  One week seems adequate to me, though -- so long as it's actually
one full week rather than some unpredictable fraction of a week as has been
the case.

How does this sound?

*   As soon as this month's report is filed, generate the wiki page for next
    month, including due dates and shepherd assignments.  Once the wiki page
    is up, send an email to general@incubator with the list of podlings
    expected to report, due dates, shepherd assignments, and a link to the
    wiki page.
*   Persuade the other "Marvin" to send out reminders to individual podling
    dev lists exactly one week before their reports are due.

Marvin Humphrey

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