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From "Christian Grobmeier" <>
Subject Re: Licensing question for new incubator project
Date Fri, 11 Oct 2013 19:11:55 GMT

Hi Jacob,

On 10 Oct 2013, at 23:50, Jacob Beard wrote:
> I'm the author of an open source project which project grew out of an
> ASF-mentored Google Summer of Code project three years ago. This 
> project
> has been in constant development ever since, and has grown into a 
> mature
> code-base, used in production in several places. I am interested in
> contributing this project back to ASF, and it seems like the way to do 
> that
> is by submitting it as an incubator project.


> I have a question regarding licensing. I developed part of this 
> project
> during my current employment, and my employer gave me permission to 
> publish
> my work under an Apache 2 license on Github. I believe they will be
> supportive of my request to submit the project to ASF. However, I will 
> be
> changing my employment soon (they are aware of this), and so I would 
> like
> to resolve all the IP issues with them now, while I am still at the
> company. I would therefore like to verify that, in order to contribute 
> the
> project to ASF, they will be required to sign a Corporate CLA, and a
> Software Grant Agreement.

yes, the company will need to sign a software grant and imho should sign 
a corporate CLA.

> I would also like to check if there is any issue with having them sign
> these documents early in the process, before I submit the Incubator
> proposal?

It definitely makes sense and I am not aware of an issues. In your 
situation I would do the same.
There is of course a chance the incubator pmc rejects your proposal.

> Is there anything else I should be aware of at this stage?

Please note, most project which are accepted have already a community. 
It reads as your
project would have one. If you know a few people here I would also 
recommend you to "recruit" a Champion
even before you submit the proposal. I would think your GSOC mentors 
might be able to help you.
A Champion is very good to have with the first steps.

You should wait a little bit if somebody else has another thing to add 
to my comments.


> Thanks for your attention, and I look forward to receiving your 
> comments.
> Jacob Beard


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