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From Florian Hopf <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache ODF Toolkit 0.6-incubating(RC5)
Date Tue, 21 May 2013 05:56:18 GMT
Hi Joe,

thanks for your feedback. This is my first release and only the second 
release of the Odftoolkit so I am glad to get some guidance on things we 
missed so far.

On 18.05.2013 20:41, Joe Brockmeier wrote:
> On Sun, May 12, 2013, at 09:17 AM, Florian Hopf wrote:
>> RC 5 of the ODF Toolkit 0.6-incubating is ready for release. This
>> release candidate addresses missing licenses and the disclaimer that
>> have been identified during the last IPMC vote.
> Which of the artifacts are we meant to be voting on? We have three
> source choices (tar.bz2, tar.gz, zip) - and ideally we'd be testing
> *all* of these to verify that they're the same. Why not distribute just
> one tarball?
> I'm OK with convenience binaries, but I really don't think it's a good
> idea to put them in the same directory as the source artifacts you want
> voted on.

Ok, I will put the binaries separately and only add the source zip.

> Also, I can't +1 this because the signature of the distributed artifact
> does not match the KEYS file in your dist directory.
> Your dist directory has this KEYS file:
> Which only has Devin Han's key. You're distributing a KEYS file with
> your own key, but obviously we're not going to trust a KEYS file that is
> distributed with the source tarball itself.
> You need to upload your new KEYS file and point to it in your email
> asking for votes. Could you please re-roll this and start a new VOTE?

Thanks, so far I got the impression that the most important place to put 
my key is at
I am not sure yet how to upload files to the dist folder but I'll figure 
that out.

As those changes don't require any changes to the source tree I think we 
don't need to vote on the dev-list again but only on the incubator list?


Florian Hopf
Freelance Software Developer

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