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From Sergio Fernández <>
Subject Re: LICENSE/NOTICE revisited (was Release Apache Marmotta 3.0.0-incubating (RC8))
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2013 14:34:46 GMT
Hi sebb,

On 23/04/13 15:07, sebb wrote:
> On 23 April 2013 08:31, Sergio Fernández wrote:
>> Right this would make the LICENCE files shorter. So, if I understood
>> correctly, we should switch from licenses text to pointers
> No; it's not necessary to switch.
> Roy says that pointers are sufficient. He does not say they are necessary.
>  From LEGAL-155:
> "In any case, the intention is to allow use of whatever form seems most
> appropriate for the given distribution form, while still satisfying the
> legal requirements for each licensed work. Some projects will want to
> include all the text in one file. Others may not."

Perfect, understood.

>> Before properly reviewing the binary releases, in the PPMC we are
>> discussing if such details we are discussing are something that MUST be
>> fixed, or just something we SHOULD improve in upcoming releases. This is
>> something I personally  don't have clear now. Of course, we'll be wiling to
>> fix whatever it is necessary; but at the same time we need to move on and
>> continue working and improving the project.

So... I would really appreciate any other vote, in one way or in the 
other, to know how we should proceed.



Sergio Fernández
Salzburg Research
+43 662 2288 318
Jakob-Haringer Strasse 5/II
A-5020 Salzburg (Austria)

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