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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Graduation of Apache Onami
Date Sun, 10 Mar 2013 11:04:12 GMT
Hi all,

Apache Onami entered incubation before more than 3 months. Since then
the community has proven to be pretty active and healthy.

A look on the status page shows that a few releases have been made:

Two minor ones (parent pom), two component releases. Another minor
release is currently being voted on.

Three new committers were added in the past weeks.

SVNSearch shows, there is clearly one guy who is outstanding in his
motivation, but others do commit as well:

Mailinglist Archives show the Community is discussing in public:

There is only one item left on the status page, which is the podling
name search. Since we have had some efforts in that area already, we
do not expect any surprises. Here is the issue we created recently and
expect to be closed soon:

That said, the community consists of new Apache-people and some more
experienced Apache-people. I do not see any problem regarding
developing the Apache-way.

With all that in mind, I do not see a reason this podling needs to
stay any longer in the Incubator (given the podling name search is

Are there any objections from the rest of the incubator to start with
the graduation preparations and finally vote?



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