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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache Ambari (incubating) 1.2.1 Release Candidate RC0.
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2013 03:13:18 GMT
On 11 March 2013 00:24, Mahadev Konar <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>  This is a call for a vote to release Apache Ambari 1.2.1 incubating. A vote
> was held on developer mailing list and it passed with 6+1's with 5 of them
> binding.
>  mahadev (IPMC, PPMC)
>  ddas (IPMC, PPMC)
>  acmurthy (IPMC)
>  jitendra (PPMC)
>  yusaku (PPMC)
> The staging Staging site is:

The ambari-1.2.1-incubating.tar.gz.mds file is wrong; there should be
separate files for each hash type.
Normally only MD5 and SHA are provided.

The archive file does not match the source tag, as it contains lots of
.pyc files, i.e. compiled Python source.
These should not be present in the source archive, and I would not
expect to find them under a /src/ directory in any archive.

> with user docs at:
> and dev docs at:
>  SVN source tag:

The NOTICE file does not have the correct format - in particular the
component name is missing.
Also the year looks wrong, and there is a typo in the 4th line.

The file should start

Apache Ambari
Copyright year(s) The Apache Software Foundation

This product includes software developed at The Apache Software

Note: "developed at" not "developed by"


As far as I can tell from the quoted license, it looks to me like the
Puppet module does not require attribution, so should not appear in
the NOTICE file

The KEYS file does not have a header for the second key

There are a lot of files without AL headers.
Some of these are the Puppet source; some are JSON which unfortunately
does not support comments, but there are others that could and should
have AL headers.

>  PGP release keys (signed using 8EE2F25C)
> One can look into the issues fixed in this release at
> Vote will be open for 72 hours.
>  [ ] +1 approve
>  [ ] +0 no opinion
>  [ ] -1 disapprove (and reason why)

Other issues: the website does not have a disclaimer, nor does it have
an obvious link back to the Incubator or the ASF site.
There are some other missing required elements.

The License links must point to
The prinary mention of the Ambari name must use as an adjective (The
Ford car is blue) an *not* a noun (The Ford is blue)

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