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From Matt Franklin <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Automate Shepherd Assignments
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2013 14:00:37 GMT
For the March report, Benson tried to get the Shepherds to self
organize; but it was an unqualified failure.  No Shepherd (including
myself) stepped forward to take on podlings for review.  The only
reason I ended up reviewing any podlings is that I was preparing the
report for March.

Given that Shepherds in the past have always done well when assigned &
assuming that they are still a valuable construct, I think we should
figure out a way to automate the assignment of Shepherds.  I have done
nothing with any of the incubator scripts (clutch, report generator,
etc), but here is what I think we need:

- a place for potential shepherds to register which months and the
number of podlings they want to review.  We could open this to any
IPMC member (or potentially people who are members of current PPMCs
that have an interest in expanding their horizons)

- update the script that generates the wiki page to create the
shepherd table based on the registrations.  This script would also be
responsible for notifying the IPMC when there are not enough shepherds
for the current period.

I will have to dig in to figure out how to accomplish this with the
current infrastructure (any pointers welcome); but, I wanted to get
buy-in on the concept first.


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