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From "Mattmann, Chris A (388J)" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] [VOTE] HCatalog to Graduate and become part of Apache Hive
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2013 05:49:01 GMT
Hi Benson,

I saw your later email(s) and Incubator board report. It's fine and I
think the message of my objection comes across.
So thanks for that.

One thing I wanted to comment on:

On 2/13/13 4:10 AM, "Benson Margulies" <> wrote:

>The obvious compromise is to ask them to report the vote result as it
>happened, it seems to me, -1's and all. But where do you think that
>they are reporting anything? There's nothing happening here at the
>board level. There's no board resolution needed for a Hive committer
>to type 'svn cp' on the hcatalog tree,

Not by my counts. There's a *community* resolution and a recommendation to
be made by the IPMC, nonetheless.
Otherwise, the IPMC is pretty useless IMO, and more importantly, so is the

Why bother even incubating HCatalog? Hive could have simply svn cp'ed
whatever code came in, or whatever code the podling arrived at, and
Incubation would have stopped then. But we both know that's not the way it
works. Even if a podling graduates to an existing TLP, go check out the
past resolutions. You'll note there's a section in there that discharges
the responsibility of the IPMC for the podling. So, yes, the IPMC *is*
involved. And yes, the IPMC vote matters.


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