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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: First draft of slides for ApacheCon
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2013 20:22:44 GMT
Ross, thanks. All of these are useful. The first one I'll just take
your suggestions as is, for the others I need to think a bit about how
to capture your nuance.

On Sat, Feb 16, 2013 at 3:08 PM, Ross Gardler
<> wrote:
> Great slides. A few comments for you to take on board or ignore at your
> pleasure (they are opinion not fact so you may not agree)...
> Slide 5: personally I avoid 'viral' and still k to 'reciprocal' no need to
> further alienate those who have a preference for reciprocal licences (I.e
> use passive rather than aggressive language). By the same token I'd say
> "not only about" as opposed to "not about". Personally I prefer things to
> be free, but I'm pragmatic and recognise that sometimes freedom will need
> to be compromised. Our licence is ideal for this, it provides choice and
> uses economics to drive freedom.


> Slide 9: I guess it depends on how you deliver this slide whether I agree
> or not. The foundation will provide any "exotic" infrastructure that can be
> justified. I remember telling a podling they couldn't have Git, for
> example. I immediately went to infra and with the support of Jukka we got
> permission for that podling to  be the first one to adopt Git. Perhaps just
> add the word "unjustified", it's. Less final.

Right. I'm trying to convey 'don't show up and expect Infra to roll
over and deliver all kinds of new stuff just because you ask for it.'
It's not so much a question of 'justification' as process and economy
of scale. I'm sure I'll some up with something.

> Slide 19: To graduate a project must demonstrate the ability to grow, not
> necessarily to have grown. Therefore I think this slide is too absolute in
> its "grow or retire" message.

Got it.

> This looks great, the above points are all minor and you should feel free
> to ignore or adapt as you see fit.
> Ross
> Sent from a mobile device, please excuse mistakes and brevity
> On 16 Feb 2013 18:55, "Benson Margulies" <> wrote:
>> I've made my first pass at the slides for the talk I'm giving on the
>> incubator in Portland.
>> If anyone is really allergic to Google Docs, I can export it and put
>> it somewhere otherwise accessible.
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