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From Alan Gates <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] [VOTE] HCatalog to Graduate and become part of Apache Hive
Date Sat, 23 Feb 2013 17:06:51 GMT
I think that's a question for the Hive PMC.  I have some guesses, but it seemd more appropriate
to let them speak for themselves.  For some history you can take a look at
which is the initial discussion between HCat and Hive.  AFAIK none of the Hive PMC are on
the IPMC, so you may need to mail private@hive or dev@hive to get their feedback.


On Feb 23, 2013, at 2:43 AM, Ross Gardler wrote:

> Thanks Alan,
> I'm still wondering why the Hive PMC feel mentoring inside the PMC is
> appropriate but not the IPMC.
> Please understand I'm not saying I'm for or against the proposal. I'm
> trying to understand it so that I can form an opinion as an IPMC member.
> Ross
> Sent from a mobile device, please excuse mistakes and brevity
> On 20 Feb 2013 18:22, "Alan Gates" <> wrote:
>> The project was named Howl when it was proposed, so the proposal is at
>> Alan.
>> On Feb 20, 2013, at 2:31 AM, Ross Gardler wrote:
>>> I'm brought to this thread byt he board report but my response here is as
>>> an IPMC member. My comment on the board report is quite different, it is
>>> "I've read the thread on general@ and feel that the IPMC should make a
>>> clear recommendation to the board in this and similar cases. The IPMC
>>> discussion seems to be healthy and productive."
>>> So, as a an IPMC member I have a few open questions [inline]...
>>> On 11 February 2013 18:20, Alan Gates <> wrote:
>>> Also, it has been agreed that each HCatalog committer will be provided
>> with
>>>> a mentor from the Hive community to help him/her learn the rest of Hive,
>>>> with the goal of becoming a committer on Hive within six months.  The
>>>> submodule state is transitionary, not an end point.
>>> Why was this"mentoring" not done as part of the incubation process since
>>> building the right community structure for graduation (along with IP
>>> clearance) is the main role of the incubation process? Was Hive the
>>> sponsoring project for this proposal? If not why not?
>>> I ask these questions because HCatlog is making a very strong case that
>> any
>>> other option for graduation is not appropriate. At the same time we are
>>> being told by the Hive PMC that the mentoring of the committers is
>>> incomplete since they have insufficient merit within Hive to be trusted
>> to
>>> be full members of that project.
>>> it also concerns me that in this same month the IPMC board report says
>> "The
>>> main concern of the incubator continues to be the quality and reliability
>>> of supervision... The supply of mentoring seems, still, to exceed
>> demand."
>>> Why is it that the Hive PMC feels it is able to provide "mentoring"
>> within
>>> their own PMC through the creation of what some people see as
>>> an umbrella project, but not here in the IPMC?
>>> Finally, why can't I find the HCatalog proposal in my mail client,
>> markmail
>>> or the wiki (not had coffee yet, feel free to call me [insert adjective])
>>> Ross
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