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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject .htaccess: simplifcation suggestion.
Date Sat, 08 Dec 2012 12:19:27 GMT
There was a short discussion about the use of RedirectMatch vs. Redirect
on #asfinfra today, which revealed that in many cases the former is used
where the latter would be simpler and more efficient.

One notable example is the .htaccess file of the incubator. It has
almost 100 entries of the form:

  RedirectMatch Permanent ^/TLP(/.*)?$$1

which should be written instead as:

  Redirect Permanent /TLP

The addition of trailing path components is automatic for "Redirect". It
will also only apply to "/TLP" and "/TLP/something", but not to
"/TLPXYZ" as is wanted here.

A simplified form of the current incubator .htaccess can be found at:

the corresponding patch at:

I didn't change the RedirectMatch for oozie, because that one also
matches /oozieXYZ and I can't decide whether that's actually an error or
needed behavior.

If you like it go ahead and apply it to the .htaccess in your svn tree.
Note that I changed the file name from ".htaccess" to "htaccess" in
order to make it available.



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