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From Jukka Zitting <>
Subject Incubation state transitions and stuck projects (Was: February report review)
Date Sun, 15 Jul 2012 00:15:42 GMT

On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 4:59 PM, Jukka Zitting <> wrote:
> My suggestion is to ask the podlings now in category 2 to report again
> in May on their progress on the identified blockers. If there's been
> no measurable progress by then, we'll dig deeper to see what we can
> do. Podlings reporting in other months can be picked up for a similar
> oversight cycle over the coming months. By July we should then have a
> pretty accurate record of progress throughout the entire Incubator,
> including a clear list of podlings that are stuck and need help.

Following up on this, here's a quick graph I put together when
preparing for this month's board report:

The graph shows how podlings have moved from one (subjective)
categorization to another (or to graduation/retirement) between their
two scheduled reports in the February-July time frame (I'm only
counting projects that were already past their first three months at
the Incubator). The edge width is proportional to the number of
podlings that made that particular "state change". The Graphviz source
of the graph is included at the end of this message.

The overall picture looks pretty good. We have strong movement towards
graduation, and so far no regressions from the "ready to graduate"
state back to low activity or diversity.

Here's the list of projects that stayed at the same category from one
report to the next:

  IP clearance:      Amber
  No release:        Any23, Bloodhound, Cordova, JSPWiki
  Low activity:      Ambari, AWF, EasyAnt, Kitty, Nuvem, PhotArk, Kato
  Low diversity:     Airavata, Bigtop, Chukwa, Tashi
  Ready to graduate: Flume, Lucene.NET, NPanday

The IP clearance issue in Amber seems to be finally resolved ( LEGAL-134).

The release issues are being resolved, as Any23 has just passed a
release vote and I've seen good progress towards an Apache release in
both Cordova and JSPWiki. I don't know the release status in

The low activity projects remain a problem though there are a few
projects who've managed to escape that trap. For the rest we need to
find solutions. Kato was already retired, and AWF and Kitty getting
there. EasyAnt might go the subproject route, and PhotArk has been
showing increased activity lately. I don't know what's going on in
Ambari or Nuvem.

The low diversity "state" is a bit vague catchall category for
projects that don't yet feel ready to graduate. I'm not too concerned
if some projects take a bit longer there as long as they don't regress
to low activity. Once a project has hit the "low diversity" category,
chances are quite high that it'll end up graduating.

The podlings that were "ready to graduate" for more than three months
are a bit mixed story. Flume already graduated and Lucene.NET is just
about to, but NPanday looks to be in trouble as activity there seems
to have plummeted since May for some reason.


Jukka Zitting


  IP clearance      -> IP clearance:      Amber
  IP clearance      -> No release:        Openmeetings
  No release        -> No release:        Any23, Bloodhound, Cordova, JSPWiki
  No release        -> Low diversity:     Mesos
  No release        -> Ready to graduate: Clerezza, DirectMemory,
OpenOffice, Stanbol
  Low activity      -> Low activity:      Ambari, AWF, EasyAnt, Kitty,
Nuvem, PhotArk, Kato
  Low activity      -> Retire:            Kalumet, Zeta Components
  Low activity      -> No release:        Celix, VXQuery
  Low activity      -> Low diversity:     SIS
  Low activity      -> Ready to graduate: Wink
  Low diversity     -> Low activity:      Droids, ODF Toolkit
  Low diversity     -> Low diversity:     Airavata, Bigtop, Chukwa, Tashi
  Low diversity     -> No release:        S4, Wave
  Low diversity     -> Ready to graduate: Etch, HCatalog, Isis, Kafka,
Oozie, VCL, Wookie
  Low diversity     -> Graduate:          Hama, MRUnit
  Ready to graduate -> Ready to graduate: Flume, Lucene.NET, NPanday
  Ready to graduate -> Graduate:          Accumulo, Jena, ManifoldCF,
OpenNLP, RAT, Rave, Sqoop

digraph Incubator {
  /* { rank = same; "IP clearance"; "no release"; "low activity"; "low
diversity" } */
  { rank = same; "graduated"; "retired" }
  "IP clearance" -> "IP clearance" [penwidth=1];
  "IP clearance" -> "no release" [penwidth=1];
  "no release" -> "no release" [penwidth=4];
  "no release" -> "low diversity" [penwidth=1];
  "no release" -> "ready to graduate" [penwidth=4];
  "low activity" -> "low activity" [penwidth=7];
  "low activity" -> "retired" [penwidth=3];
  "low activity" -> "no release" [penwidth=2];
  "low activity" -> "low diversity" [penwidth=1];
  "low activity" -> "ready to graduate" [penwidth=1];
  "low diversity" -> "low diversity"  [penwidth=4];
  "low diversity" -> "low activity"  [penwidth=2];
  "low diversity" -> "no release" [penwidth=2];
  "low diversity" -> "ready to graduate" [penwidth=7];
  "low diversity" -> "graduated" [penwidth=2];
  "ready to graduate" -> "ready to graduate" [penwidth=3];
  "ready to graduate" -> "graduated" [penwidth=7];

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