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From Simone Tripodi <>
Subject [ANN] Apache Amber 0.22-incubating released!
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2012 14:44:04 GMT
(apologize for the cross post...)

Hi all,

The Apache Amber Team is pleased to announce the release of Apache
Amber 0.22-incubating!

Apache Amber component is a lightweight yet powerful Java library that
allows users adopt the OAuth protocol in both Client/Server side.

This is the first release under the Incubator of the Apache Software
Foundation and contains a number of improvements and bug fixes:


  [AMBER-2] - Request User accounts from Infra


  [AMBER-5] - Design of server API
  [AMBER-14] - [oauth2-rs-filter] comma-separated
isn't parsed properly
  [AMBER-17] - Remove GPL code from Amber code base
  [AMBER-28] - OAuthAccessResourceRequest and extractors using old
version of spec to find access token
  [AMBER-29] - OAUTH_HEADER_NAME needs to be updated to latest spec
  [AMBER-30] - CodeValidator needs to be updated to latest spec
  [AMBER-31] - End User Authorization Endpoint (namely
OAuthAuthzRequest) needs to be updated to latest spec
  [AMBER-33] - Grant types need to be updated to latest spec
  [AMBER-34] - Fix the pom.xml so that we can run mvn eclipse:eclipse
  [AMBER-38] - AuthorizationCodeValidator needs to be updated to latest spec
  [AMBER-45] - Authorization Response needs to be updated to latest spec
  [AMBER-47] - Update OAuthError class using the error code as for
version 22 of the spec
  [AMBER-53] - "expires_in" field in JSON responses should be a number
not a string


  [AMBER-16] - HttpServletRequest.getRemoteUser() should return the
name of the security principal, not null.
  [AMBER-18] - Site template is missing some Javascript, as a result
of fix for AMBER-17
  [AMBER-21] - Update dynamic client registration module to be
compliant with the OAuth Dynamic Client Registration Protocol - PUSHED
  [AMBER-26] - OAuthAuthzRequest does not contain getState() method
  [AMBER-35] - Add a shutdown method to OAuthClient/HttpClient to
allow graceful release of resources
  [AMBER-36] - Add support for token_type and make sure state is
passed back from the URL fragment for the callback
  [AMBER-37] - Specify the CI url inside the Maven POM
  [AMBER-40] - Unify maven version id's for all artifacts in Amber
  [AMBER-42] - Update amber based on the latest oauth 2.0 draft v22
  [AMBER-43] - Missing OAuth parameter is ambiguous for a resource request
  [AMBER-44] - Add method to OAuthClient that allows sending GET
request to OAuth token endpoint
  [AMBER-48] - Resource Server module extension

New Feature

  [AMBER-1] - Setting up Amber project
  [AMBER-11] - OAuth 2.0 Client from leeloo
  [AMBER-12] - OAuth 2.0 server code from leeloo


  [AMBER-10] - Refactor project structure to welcome Leelo
  [AMBER-23] - Update svn:ignore property to ignore target folder and
eclipse project files
  [AMBER-39] - Create a branch for OAuth draft-10 implementation
  [AMBER-55] - Move Amber OAuth 1.0 related modules to attic

Apache Amber is available in source form from the following download
page (waiting for the repos sync at the time of writing):

When downloading from a mirror site, please remember to verify the
downloads using signatures found on the Apache site:

Apache Amber is also available in binary form or for use using Maven 2
from the Central Maven Repository:

For more information on Apache Amber, visit the project home page:

- Simo, on behalf of the Apache Amber community

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