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From "William A. Rowe Jr." <>
Subject Fwd: [ANN] Apache Syncope 1.0.0-RC3-incubating released
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2012 22:30:21 GMT
This seems very odd to me, certainly unusual among Apache projects.

The -dev and -user lists (and even general@incubator) are used to announce that
a release candidate is available and should be tested for readiness to become
an actual release.  Some projects use differently-numbered alpha and beta
designations in a similar manner.

A release candidate is, by definition, something which is not yet a release.
It doesn't seem like is an appropriate channel.  The amount
of traffic that list would carry if every 'might become a release' candidate
was offered over what is supposed to be a lower-bandwidth, higher priority list
for users to pick up released updates.

My 2c nonbinding.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 	[ANN] Apache Syncope 1.0.0-RC3-incubating released
Date: 	Thu, 26 Jul 2012 21:43:06 +0200
From: 	Fabio Martelli <>

The Apache Syncope team is pleased to announce the release of Syncope 1.0.0-RC3-incubating
from the Apache Incubator.

Apache Syncope is an Open Source system for managing digital identities in enterprise
environments, implemented in JEE technology .

The release will be available *within 24h from*:

The full change log is available here:

We welcome your help and feedback. For more information on how to report problems, and to
get involved, visit the project website at

The Apache Syncope Team

Best regards,

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