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From Kevin Kluge <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL][RFC] CloudStack for the Apache Incubator
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2012 00:07:51 GMT
Leo, thanks for the feedback, I've put a few replies in line.

-----Original Message-----
From: Leo Simons [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2012 9:31 AM
Subject: Re: [PROPOSAL][RFC] CloudStack for the Apache Incubator

On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 7:17 PM, Kevin Kluge <> wrote:
> The draft proposal document is available at

Looks great! Also looks like you've got plenty of interest, so that's also great :-)

Some random thoughts:

* It reads like you have some interesting amount of work ahead of you dealing with the legal
side of things, but y'all did a very good of explaining it in the proposal I think.

K> Thanks.  We'll have the source and binary dependencies documented shortly.   There are
a couple of things around BSD-derivative licenses that aren't clear to me.  It's good to have
mentors.  :)

* I think the way that you deal with having debian as a dependency is fine; I am also assuming
there's nothing _that_ fundamental about the use of debian that someone could not replace
it with something different.

K> I'm glad to hear that.   This was a concern point for me.  A previous version of CloudStack
used Fedora for the system VM OS, so it can certainly be changed between Linux flavors.  It
should be possible to switch to a BSD variant, but it would be a fair bit more work, and I'm
not sure what kind of i/o throughput would be achieved on the various hypervisors in that

* I suspect the most challenging GPL dependency could be mysql if you use a lot of mysql-specific
features. Fortunately, Apache APR has already come up with a good model for how to limit the
licensing dependency on GPL databases, while still allowing the 99% of the people that want
to use them to do so (see ).

K> thanks, also very helpful.  CloudStack uses very few, if any, MySQL-specific features.

* I don't think it is *needed* to have a full plan for how you deal with every single dependency
in the proposal. That sounds like a lot of work. Having such a plan is of course good, but
aside from that, you already have a good "plan for a plan" and I think that'd be good enough
to start incubation with.

* Something similar is probably true for the mentioned website(s) -- assuming they don't involve
loads and loads of traffic or scary spam-ridden user forums, it is fine to list them as things-to-do
and then tackle the finer details of it during the incubation process, it sounds like some
of this stuff will take a while. OTOH if you're shipping thousands of VM images out to people
every day, infra may want to say something about that...but that doesn't seem to be the case

K> no, not at all.  The only meaningful traffic for CloudStack occurs from binary download
of the software and the download of the built system VM, which occurs roughly once per installation.



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