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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: Request for an early review of an potential Apache OpenOffice release
Date Sat, 24 Mar 2012 16:28:20 GMT
2012/3/13 J├╝rgen Schmidt <>:
> we have prepared a new developer snapshot on the way to our first release.

Hello again... I have a couple more questions.

It looks like the dev snapshot src tarball is an export of svn trunk, but with
LICENSE and NOTICE hoisted out of trunk/main/ into the top level.  Is that
right?  If not, can you describe the process by which the src release was

Canonical ASF source releases are supposed to be assembled using a repeatable
build process.  The simple ideal is to capture a bare "svn export" to an
archive so that the source release matches a tag in version control; many
projects also capture a handful of generated files (because they use Maven or
whatever to prepare their releases), but in such cases it must be clear what
those files are and where they came from, and having a large number of
generated files is discouraged.  What we want to avoid is having a src release
dependent on the release manager's local setup, in a worst case vacuuming up
local files which are not present in version control.  So... if you could let
us know how the src archive was created, that would be helpful.

What would also be helpful is if you could describe how you are using RAT.
Incubator PMC members typically run raw RAT when vetting releases and review
any files it flags individually, but that's not realistic for AOO -- I
just turned RAT loose on the snapshot and it reported "10793 Unknown
Licenses".  :)  My local copy of RAT is a little old, but even if I bring it
up to date I'm sure I'm going to need to use your exclusion lists.

Lastly, for the record I tried to build from the source archive on my MacBook
Pro running Snow Leopard but ran into problems.  That would ordinarily be a
concern for an incubating release, but for AOO I don't think having IPMC
members run a build-and-test check is particularly useful.  Not a blocker.

Marvin Humphrey

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