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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: Time to vote the chair?
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 19:08:43 GMT
I'm going to treat this like any other nomination process and provide
a brief statement.

Volunteeritis: I'm active on the CXF and Maven PMCs, and I am a bit of
an uncle at Mahout and WS, and I've agreed to stick around as a PMC
member on EmpireDB in transition from podling to TLP. My mentor
inventory will be down to 4 after the next board meeting as far as I
can tell. I leave it to all of you to judge if this is reasonable or

Mechanics: I read my email a lot and can safely commit to being
responsive to things like adding members to the PMC. Atmospherics: in
spite of some of the seeming disagreement between me and Sam, as far
as I can tell I agree that the way forward is for volunteers to step
up put more time into reading reports and generally meta-mentoring.
Once that's online we can discuss what do to about any problems that
aren't solved by gentle reminders and additional reports.

If elected, I will try, and perhaps fail, to focus and moderate
(small, small m) discussions on general@. While the question of
civility led to some disagreement, I think that there is room for some
more of it, whatever it is, without treading on freedom of expression
or cultural diversity.

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