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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: PMC chair vs. reorg proposals
Date Sun, 05 Feb 2012 19:40:27 GMT
  Right now they are on very polar ends of the whole
> discussion, which suggests neither until the incubator and board choose
> a path forward.

I don't find the formulation 'polar opposites' helpful, let alone
prior remarks about whether the two of us can agree about something.
It's not up to us to decide whether to disassemble, truncate, or just
work to improve the incubator, and whether the two of us agree on one
of those is not a particularly interesting metric of consensus of the
community, the board, or both.

Chris has a platform which I will be so bold as to summarize as 'elect
me to supervise the disassembly of the incubator, and not otherwise.'
If the board decides to go that way, I am happy to see Chris in charge
of the transition. If Chris changes his mind and is willing to serve
in some other scenario, I don't know whether I would block a consensus
in his favor, as the issue hasn't come up.

Just to set the record straight and get out of the way, *my* position
is that I do not feel particularly qualified to lead the charge in
presiding over the disassembly of the incubator. My alternative
proposal is not my 'election platform' -- it's just an alternative --
and as much Ralph's now as mine. If the incubator isn't disassembled,
it has to find some compromise between (to oversimplify) you and Joe,
and it's one possibility.

If the consensus of the community is to desire a new chair to improve
responsiveness whilst all these cosmic questions remain under debate,
then Chris is, so far, not offering himself. If people don't feel
enthusiastic about me, they can rethink the plan, or we can all
attempt to press-gang other nominees.

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