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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject [VOTE] Kalumet to join Incubator
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2011 07:18:01 GMT
Hello Folks,

Please vote on the acceptance of Kalumet into the Apache incubator.

The proposal is available at:
(for your convenience, a snapshot is also copied below)

The vote options (please cast your vote) :

[ ] +1 Accept Kalumet for incubation
[ ] +0 Don't care
[ ] -1 Reject for the following reason:

The vote is open for 72 hours.

Here my (binding) +1 .

Olivier Lamy
Talend : |

= Kalumet - Complete Environment Deployer Toolbox =

== Abstract ==

Kalumet a complete environment manager and deployer including J2EE
environments (application servers, applications, etc), softwares, and
It's a perfect complement to continuous integration (managed by maven
and continuum or jenkins for instance) by adding continuous
The whole factory chain is cover and the software administrator
managed all environments in secure and safe way, whatever the
underlying application servers (Apache Geronimo, Apache Tomcat, Apache
TomEE, RedHat JBoss, Oracle Weblogic or IBM Websphere) or softwares
(printout system, Apache HTTPd, operating systems, etc) are.

Kalumet provides two kind of components :

* Apache Kalumet agent are installed locally on the target server box.

* Apache Kalumet console controls and manages the agents, allowing the
software administrator to update all environments from a central
multi-user web tool.

== Background ==

Currently, Apache Kalumet is named BuildProcess AutoDeploy
( The development has begun 4
years ago and several release have already been provided.

== Rationale ==

The software environments administration is heavy cost task with a
high level of human actions, especially when mixing J2EE environments,
different operating systems, softwares, etc It suffers :

* a different set of scripts or actions/procedures depending of the
application server used (Geronimo, Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic, Websphere,
...) or other middlewares (portals or ESB like ServiceMix, HTTP
servers like Apache HTTPd, etc);

* a high level of risk due to human actions (for example, an
administrator can forget to deploy a JDBC DataSource, or forget to
change an application configuration file);

* migrate an application from an environment to another one request
boring actions (for example, migration applications and all linked
resources from a testing environment to a production one, this action
is named "promote");

* the upgrade process can be long (depending of the number of
applications and complexity);

* most of resources are stored on the application server box, not in a
central repository.

Apache Kalumet secures the environment deployment and covers the whole
environment scope including J2EE parts (EAR/WAR archives with
classloader policy, JDBC DataSources, JMS Connection Factories, JMS
Queues/Topics, etc) and resources (operating systems, softwares, etc)
in a unique way. It's heavily expendable, that means that you can
create new plugins for dedicated resources.

== Initial Goals ==

When we have begun AutoDeploy, the first goal was to provide several
J2EE application servers JMX plugins. But quickly, we have seen that
multi-application servers support was only a part of the software
administration needs.

That's why we have extended AutoDeploy to provide agents and a central
console hosting all environments knowledges (artifact versions,
resources, etc). Using the console, several administrators can use a
central tool to manage all environments in a collaborative, unique and
secure way.

The target is now to provide a complete tool to fully administrate a
data center servers, softwares and middlewares.

= Current Status =

Currently, BuildProcess AutoDeploy provides two branches :

* the 0.5 branch (with the 0.5.6 latest release) is the current stable
branch. This branch is built every night using Apache Continuum

* the 0.6 branch is in progress and it's the target one to become Apache Kalumet

== Community ==

Currently, AutoDeploy community contains two comitters, 5 contributors
and around 50 users.
BuildProcess AutoDeploy is used in production and test in several companies :

* Fimasys France (

* AMP-AXA Australia (

* Vodacom South Africa (

* Mayo Clinic USA (

* NSW Attorney General Australia (

== Core Developers ==

The core developers for AutoDeploy/Apache Kalumet project are :

* Jean-Baptiste Onofré (founder in 2004).

* Mike Duffy, WebSphere Consultant, contributes since 2005.

== Open Source ==

Since the beginning, AutoDeploy was a Open Source project using GPL
license. It switched to Apache 2.0 license in 2009, approved by all
AutoDeploy developers (IP Clearance).

As all AutoDeploy contributors has approved, Apache Kalumet uses the
Apache 2 license.

AutoDeploy Console currently use NextApp Echo2 framework, released
under Mozilla Public License, which is a Category B license.
The Apache incubation phase will use Echo2, acting that we have to
switch to an Apache compliant framework (Pax Wicket and Vaadin could
be used) before any TLP graduation.

= Known Risks =

== Orphaned Products ==

AutoDeploy is already deployed in production at multiple companies.
(see Community Section)
AutoDeploy is getting traction with developers and thus the risks of
it being orphaned are minimal.

== Inexperience with Open Source ==

All code developed for AutoDeploy has been open source from the start
(see Open Source section).
And mostly by an ASF member Jean-Baptiste Onofré who is intimately
familiar with the Apache model for open-source development and is
experienced with working with new contributors.
Jean-Baptiste Onofré, the creator of the project and one of the
committers is also a committer on Apache Karaf, Apache ServiceMix,
Apache Camel and Apache Ace.

== Homogeneous Developers ==

The initial set of committers is from a small set of organizations.
However, we expect that once approved for incubation, the project will
attract new contributors from diverse organizations and will thus grow
organically. The participation of developers from several different
organizations in the mailing list is a strong indication for this

== Reliance on Salaried Developers ==

It is expected that Kalumet will be developed on salaried and
volunteer time, although all of the initial developers will work on it
mainly on salaried time.

== Relationships with Other Apache Products ==

AutoDeploy/Apache Kalumet depends upon other Apache Projects: Xerces,
Xalan and multiple Apache Commons components and build systems like
Maven. It will also use Apache OSGi project (Felix, Karaf, ACE) and
project like Archiva.

== A Fascination with the Apache Brand ==

The reason for joining Apache is to foster a healthy community of
contributors and consumers around the project. This is facilitated by
ASF and that is the primary reason we would like Kalumet to become an
Apache project.

= Documentation =

AutoDeploy docs:

== Initial Source ==

== Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan ==

The initial source is already Apache 2.0 licensed.

== External Dependencies ==

The required external dependencies are all Apache License or
compatible licenses. Following components with non-Apache licenses are
enumerated :

* Echo Web framework Mozilla Public License, which is a Category B
license (see plan to remove this dependency).

== Cryptography ==

Kalumet does not depend upon any cryptography tools or libraries.

= Required Resources =

== Mailing lists ==

* kalumet-private (with moderated subscriptions)

* kalumet-dev

* kalumet-commits

* kalumet-user

== Subversion Directory ==

== Issue Tracking ==

JIRA Kalumet (Kalumet)

== Other Resources ==

The existing code already has unit and integration tests so we would
like a Jenkins instance to run them whenever a new patch is submitted.
This can be added after project creation.

== Initial Committer ==

* Mike Duffy (

* Ioannis Canellos (

* Andreas Pieber (

* Achim Nierbeck (

* Jamie Goodyear (

* Youhort Ly (

== Affiliations ==

* Jean-Baptiste Onofré, Talend

* Olivier Lamy, Talend

= Sponsors =

== Champion ==

* Olivier Lamy (

== Nominated Mentors ==

* Jim Jagielski (

* Olivier Lamy (

* Jean-Baptiste Onofré (

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