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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Refactoring "Sponsor" Paragraph
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2011 16:52:37 GMT

as already mentioned I find this paragraph very confusing:

I propose to change it to the text below. Basically I have left out
the Sponsoring entity "Board", because the board does not sponsor an
Podling from the beginning as I have learned.

Please see below.

Best regards,


The Sponsor [definition] is the entity within the ASF that makes the
determination that a candidate would make a worthy addition to the
ASF, and agrees to take on the candidate in question should it
complete the incubation process.

A Sponsor will be one of:

A Top Level Project within the ASF. In this case, the project in
question has agreed that the candidate is a good fit for their
project, and will take on the candidate as a sub-project upon
successful completion of Incubation.

The Incubator PMC. In this case, the Incubator PMC agrees that the
project in question will make a good addition to the ASF, but there is
no clear "owner" of the candidate should it successfully complete
incubation. An incubation exit requirement for such candidates will be
the identification (and successfuly lobbying) of an "owner" entity -
either the Board (and the candidate will be a TLP) or another project.

Note that a Sponsor is more than just a final resting place for a
candidate that successfully completes incubation. The Sponsor, by
taking on a candidate, is indicating that they believe the candidate
will make a worthy addition to the ASF, and takes responsibility for
assisting the podling through the Incubation process. The Sponsor is
therefore expected to be actively involved in the incubation process
and assist where necessary, giving the podling the best possible
chance of success. In addition, an entity that is a Top Level Project
should be involved in the Candidate's incubation in order to educate
the Candidate about practices that are specific to that TLP and about
other relevant projects within the TLP.

However, while the Sponsor is expected to be actively involved, it is
formally represented by the Mentors. The Mentors are the individuals
accountable to the Incubator PMC for ensuring the incubation process
is correctly followed. In cases where the Mentors are not fulfilling
their responsibilities, the Sponsor (in particular its Chair) will be
expected to remedy the situation.

Responsibilities of the Sponsor

to provide initial approval for a Canidate to be accepted as a Podling
to nominate Mentors for the incubation process

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