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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Moving the incubator web site to the CMS
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2011 10:24:27 GMT
On 20 September 2011 04:24, David Crossley <> wrote:
> sebb wrote:
>> Mohammad Nour El-Din
>> >sebb wrote:
>> >>
>> >> Also, what about clutch? That currently depends on being able to read
>> >> some XML files.
>> >
>> > Although I have another long term idea for that, but it can be updated
>> > to read the relevant pages of Incubator CMS, and I am also very
>> > willing to help in that.
> Parts of Clutch have been modified at various occasions
> to gather its data and hints from other places.
> It currently gets facts from
> and from the xml source for
> Then it tries to get some hints from the xml source of
> each podling status page. Then it uses those gathered hints
> to detect whether the various project resources are available.
> After the move to CMS, it could parse the generated html instead.
> As Sebb indicates, the Markdown source files would not be easy.
>> I think we should base clutch on a separate simple summary file, which
>> is then used to create various aspects of the CMS site, as well as
>> being used for other purpose. The CMS syntax is very flexible, and
>> harder to parse.
>> Having a purpose-designed podling status file would make Clutch's job
>> much easier, as well as being easier to edit.
>> For example, now when a podling graduates, the entry has to be moved
>> from one section to another.
>> A dedicated status file would just required changing the status entry.
> Yes. However, could we please make it so that
> that summary file is separate to Clutch.


> The summary file needs other reasons for being,
> which might also encourage it to be well-maintained.

My intention was originally for it to be the source of the projects
page, i.e. it would be directly updated by podlings, and used to
generate the projects index page and the RHS links. One file to update
instead of two, though podlings would still need to update their own
pages as at present.

It would need to contain the following as a minimum:
Project 	Description 	Apache Sponsor 	Mentors 	Started [Ended] Status

If it's decided to use DOAPs for individual podling status pages, then
the description and perhaps other fields could be automatically taken
from the DOAP and merged into the summary file. It might even be
possible to create the entire file from the DOAPs, but it might still
be useful to list the podling names as a cross-check, and for historic
projects it would be easier not to have to create DOAPS.

It would then only be necessary to update the summary file when the
podling status changed: creation, graduation, retirement or
hibernation, assuming that is not done in the DOAP files themselves.

> I am running low on volunteer time, but will attempt to
> adjust Clutch to follow the CMS changes, taking small
> steps where possible.

Once the new file format is decided, futher changes to Clutch should be minimal.

> -David
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