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From Phillip Rhodes <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] S4 for the Apache Incubator
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2011 00:54:27 GMT
On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 5:34 PM, Flavio Junqueira <> wrote:
> I have read the guide to participation:
> and I understand from there that people shouldn't simply jump in as an
> initial committer without a short introduction and without acknowledgment
> from the proposer.

Since I was one of those people, let me issue a "mea culpa" here.  Despite
having read the participation guidelines (more than once even) I apparently
slipped into a bit of a conditioned response, from observed behavior.  For
better or worse, it has become not uncommon (in my experience) to see
people simply "jump in" and add themselves.  In retrospect, yes, it probably
is a bit rude, and I apologize for my part in this.

I suppose t's just what Roy said in 2006: everybody
saw a certain process appearing to happen, assumed it was policy and
didn't give it any further thought.  Guess I'm guilty of that.

> Our expectation when we submitted the proposal was that the initial set of
> committers would comprise the people who have initially contributed to get
> the current code to this stage, and we were not expecting arbitrary requests
> to join the initial list of committers.

While "jumping in" is - as we've already established - in bad taste, I
*think* that
(most|any|some) projects entering incubation should expect such requests.
Part of the focus of the incubator, as I've understood it, is to
promote sufficient
diversity in the community and the team, that no one "block" of people can kill
the project by dropping out or whatever.  Having new initial
committers that have
no outstanding connection to the project is one way to achieve that.
In this regard, the
incubation period is radically different from other times in the
project lifecycle.
Or, again, that has been my understanding.

Then again, maybe it only appears that way because some projects make
it a point to
appeal to people *to* join in as initial committers.

> Of course, as a potential Apache
> project (now potentially incubator, but looking forward to being TLP in the
> future), we are ready to work towards building a community, which includes
> granting the status of committer to contributors. However, we'd like new
> committers to earn their status by showing commitment to the community and
> demonstrating technical merit.

Absolutely, and entering the incubator is the only time - AFAIK - that projects
here tend to take a slightly different stance.  It's all about seeding
the initial pool
before the project gets underway.   That said, I'm not sure projects
are required
to accept an additional initial committers beyond what the proposer suggests.

For my own part, I'll just say that I'm excited about S4, very happy
to volunteer to help, and
if you guys want me, I'm in.  If not, take me off the list and it'll
all be cool.  FSM knows, I have
plenty of stuff to keep me occupied already.  ;-)

As far as introduction goes...  Well, I founded Fogbeam Labs, started
the ScrewPile project to
develop an OSS suite of Enterprise Knowledge Management software.
I've been a professional
software engineer for the past 12-13 years, working mostly in Java,
but some C, C++, Python
and Groovy as well.  If anyone wants to know more about me, just ask,
or see:



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