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From Angelo zerr <>
Subject Re: Replace itext with PDFBox for XDocReport project?
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2011 08:11:27 GMT
Hi PDFBox Team,

I suppose that my post was not well explained as I have no answer. I will be
very happy to use PDFBox in our XDocReport converter (docx-> PDF and odt->
PDF) but develop converter is a big work and I can not investiaget time if I
have no support.

The big problem with PDFBox is that it doesn't provide complex widget. Yes
we can do it (liek,
but IMHO I think PDFBox should provide widgets like table, table-row,
chapter, section, etc like iText. I hope you will understand my idea (I
apologize if you think I offend you).

There is somebody in the XDocReport forum (please see at
who want implement a converter with PDFBox but he doesn't know very well
PDFBox. I suggest him to implement at first PDFBox widgets. If he can do it
an dif he agree, I think it should be cool if he can contribute to PDFBox

Thank a lot for your help.

Regards Angelo

2011/8/12 Angelo zerr <>

> Hi PDFBox Team,
> I introduce to me. I'm Angelo ZERR, one of developer of XDocRepor
> <>It's Java API to merge XML document
> created with MS Office <> (docx) or
> OpenOffice <> (odt), LibreOffice<>(odt)
with a Java model to generate report and convert it if you need to
> another format (PDF, XHTML...).
> * To convert ODT -> PDF, process is to load ODT with ODFDOM and loop for
> each Java ODFDOM structure to create iText widget. Please read
> * To convert Docx -> PDF, process is to load docx with POI (HWPF) and loop
> for each Java HWPF structure to create iText widget. Please read
> You can play with XDocReport at
> where you can
> generate report and convert it to XHTML:PDF (select the converter combo). An
> iframe display the result of the report converted. If you change the data
> model of the form, iframe is refreshed at runtime. So you can evaluate the
> performance of the XDocReport.
> XDocReport provides Java converter for docx and odt. We wish gives our 2
> converter for POI and ODFDOM (soon Apache) but problem is itext license. So
> we tell us if we could replace itext with PDFBox to manage converter for odt
> and docx. odt and docx can be complex like Table, image in a table cell,
> etc... and it seems that PDFPox doesn't support widget Table (just find this
> article
> if we wish
manage images in a table cell, etc...I would like avoid
> implementing my own widgets).
> For performance have you doen benchmark (itext VS PDFBox).
> Thank a lot for your answer.
> Regards Angelo

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