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From Stack <>
Subject Re: Accumulo incubator proposal: Statement of Concern
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2011 17:34:20 GMT
On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 7:41 PM, Adam P Fuchs <> wrote:
> ...Furthermore, I believe that having both projects be part of ASF gives us more of an
opportunity to collaborate going forwards. Whether we find that there are enough competing
ideas to support two top level projects, or whether we end up collapsing Accumulo and HBase
into one project, I think that the competition and collaboration we will see in the short
term will be healthy for both projects.

IMO, the HBase project would be more into collaborating than it would
be up for competing.

The differences listed in the proposal are minor IMO.  If you'd come
to the hbase project, even now, today, and said add a label to the
KeyValue and you'll get a set of smart developers on board and a bunch
of new users, it would be done.  I agree w/ Doug that 'unlikely to' is
not a correct characterization.  Similar for Accumulo Iterators (hbase
TRUNK coprocessors seem to be a more generic Iterator facility).

But rumor has it though that the differences while small looking when
described in a short incubator proposal, in implementation, the code
is very different making an integration project, unfortunately, a
piece of work.

I'd be up for exploring how we can come together.  I've not seen the
code so excuse me my idealism.

The discussion here has been enlightening.  The circumstances that
brought about this proposal are explained and why you could not ask
the hbase project do something like add a label to KeyValue.  I'm
gung-ho on gov going more foss.  If you lads are helping along that
effort, more power to you.

I'm looking forward to the code drop.  That you didn't use more hbase
code must mean that you came up with something better.  We want to rob
what you've come up with.

HBase Chief Janitor

P.S. I was surprised not to see Julian Assange alongside Doug as a
sponsor for this proposal

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