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From Doug Meil <>
Subject Re: Accumulo incubator proposal: Statement of Concern
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2011 01:56:24 GMT

Re:  "Highlander"

Greatest movie ever.

re:  "Webservers"

This is a good point, but a closer inspection of the webservers shows that
the situation is quite different from Accumulo vs. HBase.

Apache WS is in implemented in C, and Tomcat is implemented in Java.

Accumulo is, effectively, trying to be "Timdog" - by being the 3rd
webserver that is just like Tomcat, and in fact borrows some of the code
from Tomcat (another issue, but point of fact true) and also claims to
have a "community relationship" with Tomcat (which nobody in the HBase
community has seen).

On 9/6/11 8:46 PM, "Joe Schaefer" <> wrote:

>The ASF is not Highlander.  If we're big enough
>to host a few different webservers, we're big enough
>for 2 "HBase" projects.
>>From: Doug Meil <>
>>To: "" <>
>>Sent: Tuesday, September 6, 2011 8:06 PM
>>Subject: Accumulo incubator proposal:  Statement of Concern
>>I am writing to state my concerns with the Accumulo Incubator proposal,
>>the HBase copy/clone.
>>1)  ³Accumulo has been in development since spring 2008.²
>>I don¹t fault anybody for being scared of HBase in 2008 ­ you¹d have to
>>be pretty brave to use it then.  HBase 0.20 was the first release to get
>>wide adoption and that came out in the fall of 2009.  That said, the
>>fall of 2009 was two years ago.
>>2)  ³Some of the desired features of Accumulo could be incorporated into
>>HBase, however the most important of these may be unlikely to be adopted
>>(see cell-level access labels and iterators below)²
>>The proposal claims that the most important features ³may be unlikely to
>>be adopted² by HBase.  Really??  How do the Accumulo developers know
>>Not a single request was made either in dist-list or Jira form to the
>>HBase community regarding these requested features.  Why is open
>>communication such a problem?  Remember that Accumulo had 2 years to put
>>together such a request.  For a project trying to achieve the exact same
>>goals as HBase, this is not a minor issue.
>>The past is unfortunately the best predictor of futureperformance, and
>>while excuses have been made about sharing code and communication being
>>³hard² for the employer of the majority of the Accumulo developers, the
>>lack of open-ness for an ASF project is a non-starter.  For example, the
>>HBase team received a recent finger-wag when the project committers
>>voted on a new logo (i.e., instead of letting the entire community
>>vote).  This somewhat humorous infraction does prove the point:
>>open-ness is required at all levels.
>>HBase has, for years, demonstrated this principle through public feature
>>requests, public bug reports, public code reviews, and public dist-list
>>conversations on every conceivable issue.  Based on past performance, I
>>don¹t see Accumulo, or the developers behind Accumulo, being able to
>>make the cut in this respect.
>>3)  ³ === Apache Brand === > Our interest in releasing this code as an
>>Apache incubator project is due to its strong relationship with other
>>Apache projects, i.e. Hadoop, Zookeeper, and HBase²
>>Regarding ³strong relationship² see point #2 about on non-communication
>>over the last few years.
>>Side-bar conversations with a Hadoop developer or two do not count as
>>³community communication.²
>>4)  In Summary
>>If Accumulo wishes to be an open-source project, so be it - but put it
>>on Google Code, SourceForge, or Github.  There are plenty of places.
>>But I don¹t think it belongs in ASF.
>>I¹m sure that other developers may have some comments about copied HBase
>>and Hadoop code, but I¹ll leave that to them.
>>Doug Meil

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