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From Bruno Mahé <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release for Bigtop version 0.1.0-incubating RC2
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2011 20:47:46 GMT
imho this is a non issue for this release because:
* A discussion has just started on bigtop-dev mailing list about that
* We don't have any build slaves yet, so no convenience artifacts built
from Apache. So no overlap or conflict can happen today
* This release is focused on getting the Apache release process right 
And we intend to release often. So we can resolve that issue as soon as
the discussion around that matter is resolved

But what is wrong with the overlap? These are just non-mutually
exclusive separate efforts. And both are based on the very same
unpatched bits.
Whether the artifact come from projects themselves or BigTop, they are
installed as a conscious decision by a user. So if there is an overlap
this would happen only as the result of explicit actions made by a user
(ex: installing both repository at the same time).
They would also be aware of using BigTop artifacts because repository
should make an explicit mention about that (and would also very likely
named something like "BigTop-<BigTop_version>")

On 08/22/2011 01:00 PM, Eric Yang wrote:
> -1 non-binding, the package generation spec file are currently producing package name
without reference to bigtop.  The resulting artifacts can potentially overlap with project
produced artifacts.
> regards,
> Eric
> On Aug 22, 2011, at 11:07 AM, Andrew Bayer wrote:
>> This is the first incubator release for Apache Bigtop, version
>> 0.1.0-incubating.
>> It fixes the following issues:
>> *** Please download, test, and vote by Thursday, August 24 (3 working days
>> from now)
>> Note that we are voting on the source (tag).
>> Source tarball, checksums, signature:
>> The tag to be voted on:
>> (svn rev. 1160352)
>> Bigtop's KEYS file, containing the PGP keys used to sign the release:
>> Note that the Incubator PMC needs to vote on the release after a successful
>> PPMC vote before any release can be made official.
>> Thanks!
>> A.

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