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From Mohammad Nour El-Din <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Apache Rave project
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2011 11:59:10 GMT
On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 11:05 AM, Ate Douma <> wrote:
> On 24/02/11 09:49, Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
>> On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 8:49 PM, William A. Rowe Jr.
>> <>  wrote:
>>> On 2/21/2011 5:18 PM, Ate Douma wrote:
>>>> The Apache Rave project proposal is a joined effort of Hippo, the MITRE
>>>> Corporation, the
>>>> Open Gateway Computing Environments project (OGCE), the SURFnet
>>>> SURFConext Portal project,
>>>> OSS Watch, and several other individuals.
>>> Keep in mind that only individuals participate at Apache, sometimes
>>> independently, sometimes as employees, but ASF projects are
>>> collaborations
>>> of developers (and docs and users, but principally of developers).  This
>>> might be part of the reason for some [dis]quiet to the proposal....
>> Ate wrote the above in his mail but that's not part of the proposal at
> Indeed.
> I initiated a plan for a project like this back at the ApacheCON last
> November, seeking interest for it on several developer mailing lists, talked
> about it at the European OpenSocial Event last December and discussed it
> further at the OpenSocial 2.0 kickoff in Moutain View later that month.
> That triggered several representatives (developers) of the now involved
> organizations and projects to meetup and join the effort.
> The organizations behind this proposal needed to be involved as large code
> donations are provided so they'll have to provide the appropriate SGAs. And
> they'll provide the needed CCLAs for their employees involved, The reasons
> behind it has been discussed and explained in much detail.
> Everyone is well aware of the principals of meritocracy, including the fact
> they (as organizations) cannot and will not have formal control on the way
> how the project moves forward.
> If you really read the proposal, you'll even find explicit agreement and
> understanding that possibly nothing of an initial code donation may
> "survive" in this project. Something which will be decided by the project
> members (developers) themselves, not the organizations behind it. I think
> that statement and agreement strongly reflects everyones awareness and
> understanding of "how it works".
> For just about any Incubator project proposal there is one or more
> organizations involved because of the SGAs and CCLAs needed.
> And in this case, there are many, and much more than usual I'd say.
> Which I'm actually very exited about, it clearly shows their already is a
> strong interest, from widely different organizations and projects, none of
> which have direct ties to each other (yet).
> Large diversity and single organization independence is here right from the
> start! And we all are looking forward to further grow this community and its
> diversity.
> While the project will have to (learn) stand on its own, the help and
> support from all the organizations behind the initial members has been
> fabulous, making it possible to draft up this proposal in less than 2 months
> time and get all the needed clearances for the SGAs and CCLAs done upfront
> as well.
> I find it appropriate to honor this strong support from these organizations
> in my *introduction* to the proposal and say that this proposal is a joined
> effort on their part, as well as from all the initial members who did all
> the hard work.

+1, IMHO having all these names and companies mentioned and they all
gathered to support and start this project in almost no time is a very
good sign of commitment towards it. And the explicit notice of that
they know in advance that some or all of the initial code base may not
survive and they still support the project is also a sign of
commitment to the project which, again IMHO, is what is required to
start any project cause code is changing all the time.

I see no problem of accepting the idea of the proposal, looking
forward voting on its VOTE thread ;).

> Ate
>> I personally have no problem with the way companies are mentioned in
>> that proposal - nor with the proposal in general, for me it's just
>> fine as is.
> Thanks Bertrand.
>> -Bertrand
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