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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: [RESULTS][VOTE] Wave accepted into the ASF incubator
Date Sun, 05 Dec 2010 00:30:25 GMT

On Dec 4, 2010, at 2:43 PM, Dan Peterson wrote:

> Ian, Isabel (and anyone else I missed), sorry about that -- I manually
> compared the list of voters against
> (and )
> Ralph, your list looks more up to date it seems. To avoid confusion in the
> future, I imagine the ASF members page I found could be filled in from the
> same list as the committer-index page?

members.html is maintained by the members themselves.  Not all members know to do that or
simply don't add their information.  At one point in the recent past it was discussed having
members.html derive from that but since it contains more information I believe it was decided
to leave it alone. Instead, the committers page I referenced was moved from Jim's user site
to the main ASF site at the link I posted.

committee-info.txt, from which whoweare.html gets its information, should contain an accurate
and up-to-date list of all PMC members on the various projects at the ASF. However, it has
gotten out of synch from time to time.

I believe the link I gave you derives from the ldap permissions that govern what people can
get to in subversion. 

> One question related to incubator policy: are ASF member votes meant to be
> officially binding for incubator acceptance or is it explicitly restricted
> to the IPMC? Paul and I couldn't find a clear answer to that. There is a
> mention that the IPMC is responsible for incubator projects, so I could see
> it both ways. It wasn't an issue in this case, just wondering what the
> policy is for any future potential incubator projects.

ASF members can participate in any ASF project by subscribing to the mailing lists and taking
part in the community and PMC. Their votes are not binding until the are officially part of
the PMC.  This is also true of the incubator. However, unlike other projects, all a member
has to do to become part of the incubator PMC is to request to be added.  So incubator votes
cast by ASF members who aren't on the PMC are non-binding.

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