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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Graduation of River
Date Sun, 12 Dec 2010 11:34:02 GMT
Incubator PMC,

The River podling has come a long way over the last 1.5 year or so,
from one foot in the grave after Sun's resources were withdrawn
completely, individuals moved on to other things and an apathy among
the independents who felt hopelessness, to a very active and vibrant
community. Perhaps the 'near death' experience was good, as it left a
vacuum that a handful of individuals filled with enormous energy and
turned the prospects around. Today, very little of that past
negativism is present, and serious progress has been made on the
technical front as well, even though it is a large and complex
codebase. More importantly however, is to seen the turn around from a
'corporate business' to a true community, with AFAIK all active
contributors from different walks of life.

The River community has just completed a vote in favor of
"Graduation", incl all Mentors (Jukka, me and Benson), and I would
like to proceed with a Board resolution proposal for the January
meeting to form the Apache River top level project.

In the course of the discussion leading up to this vote, there was 2
issues being discussed;

 a) Is another release needed? Answer was we don't see that necessary.
There is work on a release at the moment, that may or may not come out
before the January meeting, and the Mentors sees that work as
sufficient, together with previous release.

 b) This upcoming release still has com.sun packages in it. Since this
is primarily a fully compatible release, it has been agreed that this
release will allow com.sun packages, and that the road map has an
action item of changing those to org.apache.river for the next major
release, which for many other reasons is likely to introduce some

Before starting the vote, I am writing this to see if anyone has any
additional concerns or topics to be discussed prior to graduation.

Niclas Hedhman, Software Developer - New Energy for Java

I live here;
I work here;
I relax here;

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