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From Dan Haywood <>
Subject Apache Isis: project pre-proposal: looking for mentors and a sponsor
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2010 09:56:58 GMT
We're considering proposing a group of related open source projects to 
the Apache Incubator.  At an unconference a few weekends ago I met and 
sounded out Bertrand Delacrataz and Lars Eilebrecht, who suggested a 
brief posting here would be a good first step.

So: the Apache Isis (?) project will provide the ability to rapidly 
develop domain-driven applications.  Built on the Naked Objects 
framework ( and a number of related sister 
projects (, it allows full stack apps to be built 
just by writing pojo domain objects.  Technically, it's somewhat akin to 
an ORM, but rather than just automatically persisting your objects, it 
automatically provides all the other necessary layers.  This means that 
the development goes very very quickly, focusing on the bit that really 
matters; the business application.

One particularly important aspect is the ability to customise the 
generated UIs.  The framework supports pluggable viewers running either 
as webapps and RIA, and uses existing libraries such as Apache Wicket to 
support customisation. The framework as a whole is customisable and 
provides a plugin architecture to allow the other components to be 

For some time Naked Objects, the framework, has elicited interest from 
"early adopters", but our community remains small.  We're hoping that 
Apache will provide a platform by which we can grow our community into 
the "early majority".  We can demonstrate the commitment to do this (two 
books have been written on Naked Objects).  Until recently there were 
just two main committers, both freelancer developers based in the UK.  
Since then we have picked up three new committers (in Sweden, USA and 
South Africa), two directly attributable to the publication of the 
second of these books in Dec 2009.

 From our understanding of the Apache process, our proposal will need 
some mentors and a sponsor.  Vincent Massol (Maven) has already offered, 
as has James Carman (Wicket).  We're hoping that this post might 
interest a few more, in which case we'll post a formal project proposal.

Thanks for reading this, looking forward to your replies.

Dan Haywood
Robert Matthews

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