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From Leif Hedstrom <>
Subject [VOTE] Approve the release of apache-trafficserver-incubating-2.0.0-alpha
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2010 16:10:28 GMT

Trying this again, the artifact is still the same as the previous 
attempt, but I'm trying to improve this request email,  to hopefully get 
a few more votes.

The Traffic Server PPMC has voted on and approved the release of TS 
v2.0.0-alpha. We would now like to request the approval from the 
Incubator PMC for this release. The original vote thread is

     Message-ID: <>

The release candidate artifact and checksums / signature can be found at: 

The .asc signature is signed by me (Leif Hedstrom (CODE SIGNING KEY) 
<>, fingerprint is 5D7BBC5A). I have verified that this 
key is available on at least two key servers, and the KEYS file for the 
project includes it as well:

The checksums of the release artifact are

     md5sum: 18f914f3873bc4d22c5f3115b9db011f
     sha1sum: f735a19a70c2aa69d97d4ea239a5192258dadf17

Note that this release only supports the Linux platform, but has been 
tested on a number of distros, both 32- and 64-bit. Apache TS v2.2.0 
will support many more Unix flavours (trunk already does), but no 
support for Windows is planned thus far. If someone wants to start 
working on that, most of the code base is Windows compatible, just needs 
a little tender love and care.

The artifact is only released as a bzip2'd tar-ball, and probably needs 
to be analyzed using tools available on a Unix platform (I'm not a 
Windows person, so I don't know what is available there).

Please vote on releasing this package as Apache 

[  ] +1 Publish
[  ]   0 Abstain
[  ] -1 Don't publish, because...

Below is a summary of the vote on the mailing list.


-- Leif

Subject:  [RESULT] [VOTE] Release candidate for Traffic Server 2.0.0-alpha

The vote for release passes with six +1 votes, and no -1 or 0 votes. I  
will request for the IPMC to release this.


-- leif

[+1] Leif Hedstrom
[+1] George Paul
[+1] John Plevyak
[+1] Bryan Call
[+1] Jean-Frederic Clere
[+1] Doug Cutting

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