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From Emmanuel LŽcharny <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] OpenCMIS incubator for Content Mangement Interoperability Services (CMIS)
Date Sun, 13 Dec 2009 00:32:53 GMT
Michael Wechner a écrit :
> Emmanuel LŽcharny wrote:
>> Michael Wechner a écrit :
>>> Stefane Fermigier schrieb:
>>>> OK, I personally believe this is in contradiction with the first 
>>>> commandment of the Apache Way:
>>>> "*Community over Code* is a frequent saying that exemplifies ASF 
>>>> projects. Community uses Openness and Merit, expressed through 
>>>> Collaborative and Consensus driven work, to build lasting projects 
>>>> that use a Pragmatic License. While a diverse community is a 
>>>> requirement for every ASF project, we also expect people to 
>>>> contribute as Individuals, and wear appropriate Hats."
>>> I cannot see any contradiction. Can you explain where exactly you 
>>> see the contradiction?
>> Hi,
>> I just grab the description of both projects :
>> "OpenCMIS will deliver a Java implementation of the OASIS CMIS 
>> specification."
>> "Apache Chemistry is a generic Java language implementation of the 
>> upcoming OASIS CMIS specification. "
>> I barely see how two communities working on two projects with the 
>> very same target can't collaborate and form the best possible 
>> community to fulfill this target, leveraging the great people from 
>> both of the current project...
>> This is where I see a contradiction : it seems like there is some 
>> divergence on the technical side, which is not really the Incubator 
>> concern. What is important to us is that a community is built, 
>> because it's the guarantee for a long term existence for the project. 
>> We don't have the resources and time to setup a darwinian process 
>> here :)
> I am not sure what exactly you mean with "we", but I would argue that 
> the CMS community out there is rather large and has enough
> potential to provide contributors for both projects.
> It's up to each incubator project itself to build a healthy community 
> and AFAIK these rules are clear and in particular what it takes to 
> leave the incubator.
> So either a project will make it or not. I am assuming this is what 
> the incubator is good for, right?

Would the Incubator be a place where projects enter and try to develop 
and succeed per their technical merit only, I would agree. But it 
involves people with a limited timeframe (mentors, champion, PMC 
members), and I feel that it's a bit a waste to see two projects trying 
to implement the exact same spec unable to collaborate. I mean, both 
teams most certainly have their own merit, I won't argue this point, but 
at some point a bit less ego and a bit more collaboration will generate 
a better result.

I see where Joe is going to with his "let both project get in and let's 
see which one will survive", I can't help but thinking that beside the 
rules, there is a spirit which is way more important.

At least, let's try...

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