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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Request for Waiver of "Make a Release" requirement for Incubator graduation
Date Tue, 10 Nov 2009 18:58:02 GMT

Before graduation, I expect ALL podlings to, at some point, present the 
Incubator PMC with some artifacts that the podling community feels meets the 
Apache legal requirements.   I don't care if said artifacts are a "release" or 
a nightly snapshot or a one off, but I expect to see such artifacts as part of 
the incubation process.  Such review is to ensure that the podling has 
properly understood the legal bits.   That IS part of the Incubator PMC's 

I'm not really sure if this is a -1 or a +1.   I don't care about an actual 
release, but I do care about making sure artifacts are presented to the IPMC 
for complete review prior to graduation.


On Tue November 10 2009 1:17:41 pm Greg Stein wrote:
> Hello IPMC,
> The Subversion podling would like a waiver of the requirement to make
> a release before graduation.
> As we understand this requirement, it is present in order to
> demonstrate to the podling how releases are made at the ASF.
> Packaging, licensing, signing, placement into the distrubtion/mirror
> system, announcements, among others[1]. We believe that the Subversion
> community already has a deep understanding of the Apache release
> model, based on the following qualifications of several of its
> committers/mentors:
> * Greg Stein has been a committer at Apache since before the
> Foundation was started. He has been involved in releases of httpd and
> APR, including time as Release Manager (RM) for APR. He helped to
> establish the APR TLP and the Commons TLP (prior incarnation; now
> defunct). Greg wrote the versioning guidelines for APR, which are also
> in use by the Subversion project. Through his 8+ years on the Board,
> he has read and reviewed reports from across the ASF about release,
> IP, and infrastructure issues.
> * Justin Erenkrantz has been a committer since 2001, contributing to
> httpd and APR, along with mentoring the stdcxx project when it was in
> the Incubator. He has been the RM for both httpd and APR. In fact,
> Justin wrote the initial guidelines for the release of httpd. Justin
> has been part of Infrastructure almost since its inception as a
> distinct group, which includes the provision of all the facilities to
> actually make and distribute ASF releases. Justin has spent many years
> on the Board, providing further insight to releases across the
> Foundation.
> * Sander Striker has been a committer since 2001, contributing to APR
> and then httpd. Sander acted as the RM for httpd releases, and also
> held a stint as the VP for httpd. Add in his time spent with
> Infrastructure and the Board, and he's been observing ASF releases for
> many years.
> * Garrett Rooney has been a committer since 2004, contributing and
> making releases of APR, and committing to httpd. He was also the VP of
> APR for several years, and has mentored two Incubating projects.
> * Daniel Rall has been a committer since 2001, contributing to many
> projects: Turbine, Fulcrum, Torque, and numerous Jakarta Commons
> projects. He established the community around XML-RPC, brought it
> through the Incubator, and maintained it for several years within the
> XML Project. He also participated in some of the bootstrapping around
> the Velocity and Maven projects, and participated on the Infra team.
> The Subversion community's belief is that we have ample experience to
> guide us in making a release, when that time is arrives. There will
> certainly be variances (e.g. mirroring) from our current established
> procedures[2], but some simple fine-tuning should resolve that. The
> bulk of the existing release process already meets and exceeds that a
> typical Apache release. Niclas Hedman pointed out that the Subversion
> community has produced 32 releases over the past four years, which
> hopefully indicates a smooth, understood, and functional release
> process.
> Cheers,
> -g
> [1] one particular item is using a release as a gating/focal point for
> legal review, but we feel that can be performed as an action
> separate/distinct from performing a release
> [2]
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Daniel Kulp

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