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From Rafal Rusin <>
Subject WS Human Tasks implementation
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2009 20:15:22 GMT

is there a chance of developing such project at Apache?
Details ale below.

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From: Rafal Rusin <>
Date: 2009/10/6
Subject: WS Human Tasks implementation


we started recently wsht project at TouK, which aims at implementing
WS Human Tasks spec
In current version, there is implemented about 20% of spec, which
includes task creation, assigning, retrieval. Persistence is
implemented. Currently, there are no task escalations and

We would like to donate it to Apache and continue development here.

I saw some discussion before, which pointed that this kind of project
would be desired at Apache
There was also Agila project in Apache Incubator, which was meant to
implement Human Workflow solution, but it's abandoned (IMO because of
too broad scope - it included BPEL engine implmentation and web
console for management, details are here:

So we would like to shorten this scope and implement only services for
WS Human Tasks spec. This would consist of 2 distributions (war and
jbi) which would expose web services for tasks management. I saw there
was some interest on ServiceMix mailing list too, so I think jbi
distribution would be desired

>From our side following people are willing to develop this project:
- Jakub Kurlenda <>
- Mateusz Lipczyński <>
- Michał Zalewski <>
- Rafał Rusin <>
- Ula Trzaskowska <>
- Warren Crossing <>
- Witek Wołejszo <>

Is there anyone here willing to champion such project?

I believe also that there can be other code bases for proposal. We are
open for collaboration to get a satisfying WS Human Tasks

Rafał Rusin

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