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From ant elder <>
Subject Making up policy on the fly
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2009 15:53:25 GMT
For a while now on general@ we've had people come along during a
poddling release votes and raise issues about things that aren't
backed up by clear ASF policy or reasonably obvious consensus in
behaviour of existing TLPs. Often poddlings just buckle and do a
respin as thats easier than debating the point and that has caused the
raised issues to be misunderstood as a real problems and it becomes a
sort of defacto policy. I don't think we should be blocking poddling
releases based on the whims of who ever happens to be active at the
time on general@. Its causing lots of frustrations and doesn't make us
look particularly smart. If there's not clear ASF policy saying
something must not happen then we should let them release, especially
when other TLPs are doing the same thing.

For the recent LICENSE and NOTICE file issues the current policy
allows for the different approaches, different TLPs use different
approaches, there's not been consensus on a single approach, and there
are relevant JIRAs open with legal that aren't yet resolved. Shouldn't
we not be preempting any resolution about this and let poddlings
release until the policy is clarified?


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