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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Making up policy on the fly
Date Wed, 19 Aug 2009 17:30:01 GMT
Ted Leung wrote:
> On Aug 19, 2009, at 10:01 AM, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
>> I have a lot of problems with saying
>> In the meantime, we have dozens of projects who are here to learn the
>> *right* way to build code and communities
> when we can't even agree / document what that *right* way is.

This thread is arguing over things which have an established *right* way.

LICENSE is for the license documents.  NOTICE is for mandatory attributions.
README and similar are for other errata the user should be aware of.  This
is what our legal-savvy people determined as absolute policy.

@author tags do interfere with collaborative meritocracy; all of my code
here is now the communities' code.  I have no more right to control, but
the same amount of control over the ongoing changes to that code as my
fellow PMC members; and there comes a day that the file's code is no longer
substantially mine, but other authors who's names would be more significant
than mine due to their substantial improvements.  The author tags, unlike
svn/cvs history, do not reflect this well.  When code is refactored and
split, which author tags go with?  Am I credited/blamed for a file who's
contents were never my own code but additions to a file I first authored?

This list is for discussing why best practices are best practices here at
the ASF, and working out of policies (small 'p') are really the policy or
a best practice or not really a requirement at all.  I agree we sometimes
stumble into this territory, but I haven't seen so much of this recently.

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