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From "Snitkovsky, Martin" <>
Subject [CANCELLED][VOTE] Release Wink 0.1
Date Sun, 16 Aug 2009 06:03:21 GMT
Due to the problems found in this release (example Ant build fail, LICENSE and NOTICE file
issues), the vote is cancelled. 
Will be fixing these issues and generate a new release candidate. 

In the meantime, please let me know if any further problems are uncovered with this release.
*NOTOE*: Maven staging area, release SVN tag and distributions will remain available for you
review up until next release candidate. 


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From: sebb [] 
Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2009 10:04 PM
Subject: Re: [VOTE] Wink Release 0.1

On 13/08/2009, Snitkovsky, Martin <> wrote:
> The Wink community voted on and approved the release of Apache Wink 0.1
>  We would now like to request the approval of the Incubator PMC for this release.
>  Podling voting thread can be viewed at
>  The Maven staging area is at:
>  The distributions are in:

Sigs and hashes OK.

Zip archives agree with tar.gz archives, and the source archive agrees
with the SVN tag (apart from the KEYS file, which is - correctly -
only in SVN)

>  This release is tagged at:

I'm assuming that the revision for the tag is r803953.

NOTICE file does not need to reference Xerces, as that is an Apache project.
Apache should be spelt with "A" rather than "a".

The NOTICE file should only be for software that is included with the
release, so
"includes/uses" should be "includes". Remove references to software
that is not included in the release artifacts.

The binary release includes spring-2.5.jar which does not appear to be
mentioned in NOTICE.

The LICENSE file should contain ALL the licences.

The NOTICE files in the apache-wink-* jars need to say
"Apache Wink Client|WebDav...", not
"Wink Client/WebDav..."
Also, there is a blank line at the start which could be removed.

The wink-0.1-incubating-*.jar files look to be a combination of the
client, common, server, spring and webdav jars, yet the NOTICE files
say "Wink WebDav". These should say "Apache Wink".

The Manifest.MF files in wink-0.1-incubating.jar and
wink-0.1-incubating-sources.jar appear to have incorrect information
in them - surely the title should not be:

Implementation-Title: Wink Scripts :: Dist

that does not look right.

also, these manifests don't have any Specification entries.

Code builds and tests OK on WinXP with Java 1.5.0_18 and 1.6.0_14

It would be nice if the Manifests included the compiler source and
target versions for the binary jars.

>  Release signing key was uploaded to
&  public key servers
>  Release signing KEYS file can be download from SVN
>  Thanks,
>  Martin
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