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From Todd Volkert <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Pivot 1.1 (second try)
Date Thu, 16 Apr 2009 15:01:08 GMT
> The SVN branch contains lots of .settings directories which are
> Eclipse-specific; these aren't normally added to SVN as they tend to
> vary between Eclipse installations. I think they should be deleted
> from SVN. The .project and .classpath files may also vary, but are
> less of a problem.

We can remove these.

> There are 11 jars in SVN demos/lib directory which are not in the
> source or binary archives, viz. the flex, gdata and groovy jars. What
> are the licenses for those? They aren't mentioned anywhere I could
> find. Likewise the two jars in charts/lib.

That's because the build strips out anything that we're not legally
allowed to release.  From what I've read on various ASF pages, the
ASF's legal concerns are only with what's distributed in releases, not
what's in SVN.

> Jars must not be stored in SVN unless the licence is suitable - see
> The SVN branch also contains a classes directory - these should not
> normally be stored in SVN. There does not appear to be any source for
> the Product.class binary file.
> The following source files/folders are present in SVN but missing from
> the source archive:
> charts\src\META-INF
> charts\src\pivot\charts\skin
> demos\src\pivot\demos\amf
> demos\src\pivot\demos\google
> Why is that?

These are all stripped out of the distribution for legal (licensing)
reasons.  This applies to the classes directory you mention above.

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