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From Todd Volkert <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] pivot-1.1 (WAS: Re: Vote Release Apache Pivot 1.1)
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2009 16:21:36 GMT
>> * Remove plugin.jar from the source distribution since developers that
>> have the JDK installed already have that JAR anyway -- we'll provide
>> instructions in BUILD on how to add it to your classpath.
> As I said on pivot-dev, feel free to pursue whether or not there is a
> redistribution right for future use.

We'll probably just leave it as is now.  Since we already require the
user to have JDK 1.6 to build, it's not a stretch to say "put this
file that you already have in your classpath before you build Pivot"

>> * Replace the servlet JAR with Tomcat's (it actually may be already --
>> some of the confusion is due to the fact that it's been checked in for
>> over a year, and no one knows where we go it to begin with)
> <<grin>> Todd, see?  This is exactly why we go through this angst.  :-)
> do need to know where the stuff came from (and what rights go with it).  :-)

After I sent this email, Greg did a diff and actually verified that he
originally got it from Tomcat 5.5, so in the end, all that's required
is to update the text in NOTICE, but yes, I see your point :)

>> * Remove junit.jar from our source distribution and list is a system
>> requirement in BUILD
> Is this something you want to do, or are you thinking that it is necessary?
> I was just checking, and we have it in JAMES.  And neither Niclas nor
> Luciano raised an issue.  Did I miss one?

There was no issue raised here, but we have since done so in the trunk
just to clean up the dependencies since Linux users and Eclipse users
are likely to have it already anyway.  So I figured why not cross-port
it and make the decision for 1.1 that much easier :)


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