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From Santiago Gala <>
Subject Re: Getting Apache [project] included in Linux distributions
Date Fri, 10 Apr 2009 18:25:22 GMT
El vie, 10-04-2009 a las 18:45 +0100, Robert Burrell Donkin escribió:
> the advantage of being the upstream is that it's usually easier for us
> to get stuff developed than the distros so long as we understand what
> they need.
What they need is pretty obvious:
- explicit runtime dependencies in the (==|>=)<package>-<version> form,
where package is recursively defined for the given distro, either
already there or added at the same time
- separately packaged optional dependencies
- for source packages or source distributions, build time dependencies
recursively covered
- tested and working stuff with whatever packages are quoted as runtime
dependencies, as most formats include some sort of "make test" in the
process (gentoo ebuilds, .deb and .srpm have it)
- keep it up to date

Most packages start life as privately offered, and keep this way until
they are accepted. The process helps debug them and keep them sane as
dependencies evolve.

Given (from Aidan's email)...

> the fact that maven goes to the
> network and doesn't look for libs in the standard places a distro puts
> them is a huge barrier to acceptance
(...) and
> - Aidan (who is making a general plea for this not to turn into maven
> bashing, that's so 2008, 2007, 2006...)
I'll limit to say that it might pay off to translate maven's dependency
descriptions automatically into something that an automated .deb
or .srpm or .ebuild template can use. 

Santiago (maven unconditional hater if you can find one, before someone
suggest making a maven task to generate the given source package

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