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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: March 2009 Incubator Board Report
Date Tue, 17 Mar 2009 05:40:30 GMT
>> as allready said, I tried to get contact to Log4PHP. The only one who
>> responded is one of the mentors. But besides that, some other people
>> mailed me (directly, unfortunatly) and claimed that they tried to
>> commit patches, but never get heard by any developer.
>> Unfortunatly I am not a committer at apache, even when I am
>> contributing to Apache Commons Compress. Otherwise I would volunteer
>> to get committ access to this repository and try to keep it alive.
> So are you saying that we have NO active committers on the project?

Yes. The last commit is 4 weeks old by Jim Jagielski who is a mentor
of this project. A one line change. The next one is 5 months old and
the next 9 months. Jim told me in January, that people feel log4php
does what it should. But there has not been any efford to prepare a
release, fix jira bugs or change code to PHP5 or such.

> And why are you not a Committer?  If we correct that, do you have the cycles to be active
on the project, and help bring those other people on-board as well?

Commons Compress is in a quite good state now and should be released
soon, so yes, I can start working on the project and try to help
others on-board. I think if we finally start with the PHP5 port,
people would show more interest in this project.


>> I strongly believe that log4php CAN have a community, but must do lots
>> of codework.
> That would be good.
>        --- Noel
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