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From Siegfried Goeschl <>
Subject Re: Champion needed for new workflow project proposal
Date Mon, 02 Mar 2009 16:01:49 GMT
Hi Sasa,

I'm following apache.incubator not very closely but looking at
"" you need
a CLA for all contributions (and probable patches). And this seems
difficult for a mature project where many people contributed stuff under
LGPL - but a lot of folks here are more fluent with the intellectual
property legalese.


Siegfried Goeschl

sasaboy wrote:
> Hi,
> ObjectWeb allows Apache licensed projects but one of our reasons is also to
> be recognized as Apache project, which will of course provide us with much
> more visibility than beeing ObjectWeb project :-) plus to get more
> developers, ideas, community, etc....
> I didn't provide a link for the proposal yet since I understood that first I
> need a champion to agree on a proposal etc... 
> Moving from LGPL to Apache shouldn't be so hard since for the beginning we
> only want to move the core of the engine to Apache ...
> Greetings,
> Sasa.
> sasaboy wrote:
>> Hi,
>> some weeks ago, I've posted a question on this mailing list on how to
>> start new project on Apache.
>> After reading posts on mailing lists, apache documentation, etc. ... it
>> seems first we need a champion for the project proposal.
>> Once again about the project:
>> Enhydra Shark workflow engine is a project currently hosted on ObjectWeb
>> ( 
>> It is the most popular open-source java workflow engine completely based
>> on WfMC standards. 
>> It uses XPDL1.0 as its native workflow process definition language. 
>> It can be embedded into other Java applications (Swing, Console, ...) or
>> can be used as a server through WebService, EJB, CORBA, ... 
>> Shark's modular, plug-in architecture makes shark suitable for integration
>> into different kind of projects. 
>> It is a mature project started 5years ago, has a significant community and
>> more than 100000 downloads on ObjectWeb and almost 10000 posts on mailing
>> list. It is widely used all around the world in production, typically
>> integrated into different kind of applications, from DocumentManagement
>> and government applications up to applications for special purposes like
>> bank services, HR, Help desk, ... and in many, many others 
>> If you would be willing to act as a champion on Shark's behalf, please let
>> us know. 
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Sasa. 

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