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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject The graduation of Buildr and Abdera... + Rant
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2009 07:10:52 GMT
I think that the Graduation of these two projects have not been 'clean'.
Both are still listed as Incubating Projects on projects/index.html,
as well as part of the Incubator project navigation.
Buildr is not listed in projects on, Abdera is listed there.
And neither have updated their STATUS pages to reflect the graduation.

I can do the work, BUT I think we really need to tighten the
responsibilities here... From my PoV, it is the Mentors that should do
these things (the members of the graduating project may not have
enough karma, nor experience with Incubator process). And, I am also
dismayed by many Mentors are quick to jump into becoming a Mentor, but
not able to follow up on their responsibilities. It seems that many
thinks that 'hanging around' and have an opinion every now and then is
enough 'effort'.

In effect, I would like to go back to the Single Mentor days, and make
the Mentorship something with responsibilities, effort required and
being held accountable for when things goes sour. I also want to allow
a bit of slack, since everyone will have days/weeks of 'inability to
cope' which must be fine. Further, Mentors should be 'powerful',
meaning kicking butts when needed. Being successful Mentor should be
something to be proud of, not just another 'title' in the plethora of

Basically, I think the current situation (in respect of Mentoring) of
Incubator sucks.

-- - New Energy for Java

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