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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: remember when each project report is due
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2009 02:12:42 GMT
Craig L Russell wrote:
> Thanks for making Clutch and extending it to make it even better.
[ snip ]

Thanks for your feedback. Keep it coming.

> What I was thinking is to have email lists generated for each podling,  
> so email could be sent out to the people who care.
> For example, in I'd like  
> to see
> <Imperius dev list>, <Imperius Mentor  
> Craig Russell>, <Imperius Mentor Bill 
> Stoddard> , <Imperius Mentor Filip 
> Hanik>, ...

Some data is already available. See the generated
Python pickle file:

We have dev list addresses and mentor names, but not
mentor email addresses.

I see one solution. The main "Incubation Table" at
could have ASF committer IDs in brackets after
their names. Then clutch could gather that data.

We also need an automated notice to general@ which
lists all projects that are due each month.

I am wary about extending Clutch's operations too far.
It is already a clumsy oaf, thanks to my non-modular

I will generate the report_due_*.txt to have each dev 
list address. Later we can add the mentor addresses.
So whoever develops the application to send the mail
can either parse that, or use the "Python pickle file"

> Interim to someone with their own itch to automate email, it would be  
> easy (for someone) to copy/paste the list of email addresses into a  
> Marvin-style email subject: Podling reports are due by March 10...
> If the information to generate the email addresses is not available in  
> the form needed, let's see how to make it available, for example  
> update the STATUS file to include the reminder email addresses.

However, as Clutch shows, many projects just don't attend
to their status files. So that is not reliable. Clutch
tries to find other ways to supplement that data.


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